Giant Carrier Tractor Unveiled

This amazing new “carrier tractor” was supposed to be shown for the first time at the year’s Agritechnica show in Germany. Unfortunately, the show was canceled due to Covid, but we can show it to you anyway.


   Developed for huge farm fields in Ukraine, the electric driven, 45-ft. wide U-shaped carrier is powered by two diesel engines driving big generators. Four track-equipped drive units provide the power and pivot 90 degrees for road travel.


   The carrier reduces ground compaction while powering what the company says is the largest combine harvester ever to take the field.


   The combine is equipped with a 19-ft. long axial rotor mounted perpendicular to the direction of travel. It has twice the threshing capacity of conventional machines. The carrier can also be fitted with a big planter module, and there are more tools to come.