Mobile Grain Cart Deer Stand

Mark Crampton can take his mobile deer stand to the deer with an ATV if he wants. The 4 by 8-ft. box with shooting slots sits on top of an old, gravity flow grain wagon. Small platforms on either end with ladders give him easy access.

“I wanted a deer stand I could move around my 300 acres without tearing it down and dragging it with me,” says Crampton. “We had the old grain wagon sitting in a field, so I used it.

“I had some 6 by 6 posts that I set on top of the wagon with a forklift,” says Crampton. “The first year I just had some plywood sides on it, but it was very cold. I decided to build an enclosed one.”

To make it easier, he built the stand on the ground. He framed it in with 2 by 2s and covered them with plywood. He sloped the roof from 6 1/2 ft. on one long side to 6 ft. on the other. Shooting slots are 14 in. high and run the length of the stand on both sides. Crampton also left small 14-in. square slots on either end.

“A neighbor lifted it into place with his tractor and loader,” he says. “I laid 2 by 6’s against it and nailed them to both the base and the stand to secure it in place.”

The first year he left the slots open. “I got my deer first thing, but my brother-in-law sat there all day and got pretty chilled,” says Crampton. “The next year I covered the slots with Plexiglas hinged to drop down for shooting.”

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