"Quick Release" Hitch Pin

Here’s a drawbar hitch pin that’s different than any hitch pin we’ve ever seen. It solves the problem of trying to unhook a hitch pin when the pressure on it makes it hard to pull out.

            Invented by Blake Chance, Mayetta, Kansas, the Quick-Pin Hitch Pin consists of 2 parts – a top sleeve held by a locking pin, and a shaft with a hole through it near the top. The top sleeve comes apart by removing the locking pin, leaving just the shaft in the hitch. Then the operator gets back on the tractor to release the pressure on the shaft, and the pin falls through the hitch.

            “It makes it easy to unhook from any implement, saving time and adding to safety,” says Chance. “It’s especially handy whenever the hitch pin is pinched and can’t be pulled out because of the pressure on it. But it also works great just for easier one-man unhooking in general.”

            He says the idea for the Quick-Pin came one night after a bearing went out on his baler. “It made me worry about how I would ever get my tractor unhooked from the baler fast enough, if a fire were to happen. I designed a prototype on a paper plate at a family party, and had my cousin make my first prototype in the spring of 2019.”

            Chance is a senior at Kansas State University, majoring in Agribusiness, with a minor in Entrepreneurship. “I took my first Entrepreneurship class in 2019 and wrote up a Quick-Pin business plan and entered it in a KSU Launch Competition. I took third place and used the prize money to get a patent pending on the Quick-Pin.”

            The Quick-Pin is available in 3 different sizes with 3/4, 7/8, and 1 1/8-in. diameters. They sell for $28.99, $29.99, and $31.99 respectively plus S&H. Chance says he’s also developing a Quick-Pin for tractors and implements equipped with hammer straps.

            “Quick-Pins cost more than standard hitch pins,” says Chance, “but once people can see the benefit I think they’ll realize the value.”

            You can watch videos of the Quick Pin in use on his website.

            Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Blake Chance, 15190 158th Rd., Mayetta, Kansas 66509 (ph 785 966-2249; quickpinhitchpin@gmail.com; www.quickpinhitchpin.com).