Front-Mount Sprayer Fits Zero-Turn Riding Mowers

You can convert your zero-turn riding mower into a self-propelled mini spray rig, complete with a 100-in. boom and spray wand with 8 ft. of hose. Tide Industries’ new front-mounted sprayer has a compact boom fold design that allows you to leave the sprayer on the mower while cutting grass.

            The sprayer is designed for various models of Deere, Kubota, Cub Cadet, and Toro zero-turn mowers. The sprayer comes fully assembled and pressure-tested and  quickly bolts onto the mower frame. It comes with a 25-gal. tank and a 12-volt pump that operates off the mower’s battery. A foot-operated switch is used to turn the sprayer on or off, allowing you to keep both hands on the mower’s control arms at all times.

       “It works better than a rear-mount boom because you don’t get a sore neck from having to turn around all the time,” says co-inventor Nolan Tide. “It also works better than a tow-behind sprayer because you can turn on a dime, which is the purpose of a zero-turn mower. It uses air induction nozzles which produce large droplets that confine the spray to keep it from drifting. We design and build frames specific to your mower brand and model.”           

     A marker system is available for reducing overspray and underspray. It includes a can of water-based marking paint and a separate foot-operated switch to turn it on or off.