Easy-To-Use Barrel Grabber

"Lifting big barrels is easy with my simple new grabber," says inventor Merwyn Nilson.

The Bold Eagle Barrel Harness uses aircraft cable and heavy-duty steel brackets that lock onto barrels without hydraulics or springs. The cable runs through holes in the brackets to form a loop that you place over the barrel. The brackets are slightly curved on the side that goes against the barrel, and come with a self-adjusting clamp that holds the cable tight. They automatically lock in place under the barrel rim as the operator raises the unit.

"It works great on both plastic and metal barrels 30 or 55-gal. " as long as the barrel has a lip around the top. It's small enough that you can throw it under your pickup seat or in your toolbox without taking up much space."

Nilson says he came up with the idea a few years ago when he was selling a boom lift mounted on a pickup bed at fairs and shows. 

Numerous farmers and contractors told me they really needed some way to pick up barrels. I couldn't find a practical device on the market, so I invented one. It's compact, inexpensive, and engineer-tested to lift up to 840 lbs. Over the years I've always offered a money-back guarantee on my barrel harness, but have never had one returned."