UTV Power Lift Handles Heavy Cargo

"It lets you use your utility vehicle to do everything from picking up rocks in the field to loading firewood, feed bags or other materials. You can even use it to load and skin game animals," says Trevor Urbanick about his company's aftermarket boom system designed for utility vehicles. 
The new Strong Arm Lift was on display at the recent Ohio Farm Science Review show near London, Ohio. The system can be used on UTV models equipped with a 500 cc or larger engine. It has a low-profile design that tucks out of the way against your utility vehicle when not in use. 
The system is remote-controlled and operated by a self-contained 12-volt hydraulic pump. It comes with a steel frame that bolts on underneath the UTV and supports a hinged subframe that can be fitted with several different attachments. A single hydraulic cylinder is used to raise the subframe in order to dump the load.
The attachments include a slatted rock picker; a log loader; an all-purpose bucket; and a hoist and skinner for game animals. The attachments pin onto a Reese hitch that's welded to the subframe, except for the rock bucket which bolts on. 
The hydraulic system has a working load of 250 lbs. and doesn't require any modifications to the vehicle. A cord runs from the hydraulic pump up into the cab, and the operator presses a button to swing the load into the UTV bed.
"As far as I know this is the first universal aftermarket, hydraulic-operated loading system designed for utility vehicles," says Urbanick.
The 8-ft. hoist holds the game animal off to the side of the UTV. A 'skinning yoke' can be hooked onto the end of the hoist's arm. 
The Strong Arm Lift is compatible with the following utility vehicles: Kubota (early RTV 900 or 1100 from 2004 to fall 2013 and late RTV X900 or X1100 after fall 2013); Deere (620i, 625, 825i, 850d, and 855); and the Kioti Mechron 2200.