Electric Power Steering Added To Farmall "B"

Ken Hall, Purdy, Mo., updated his 1950 Farmall B tractor with electric power steering. 
"The tractor wasn't that hard to steer, but with a 5-ft. Woods belly mower and 2 acres of wooded lawn to mow, I wanted power steering," says Hall. "Now I can steer with one finger even when the tractor is sitting still."
He found an electric power steering motor from a Saturn Vue car on eBay. He cut about 1 ft. out of the tractor's steering shaft and fabricated 2 bushings to attach the steering motor to the shaft. He then fabricated a metal bracket to bolt the unit to the tractor, which had already been converted to a 12-volt system. 
"I think the same idea would work on any steering shaft with a straight section on it somewhere," says Hall.