Eye-Catching Combine Cab Carriages

Don Perrion likes to make people laugh, and that is just what his carriages made from combine cabs and salvaged wheels do. He has a fancy gold one, a red, white and blue patriotic one, and a pink one to honor the fight against breast cancer.
"I saw a fancy white carriage on TV and got to thinking that I could make one out of a combine cab," recalls Perrion. "Cabs have a door and lots of glass windows, and you can pick them up at salvage yards for a couple hundred dollars."
Perrion had an old set of steel wheels and pieces of angle iron to make the frame. He painted the first one gold and set it out in his yard.
"A couple came by and asked if they could rent it for their daughter?s birthday party," says Perrion. "It and the others I built have been used for birthdays, anniversaries and parties of all kinds."
The patriotic carriage was built to honor members of the armed forces and is popular when Perrion pulls it in parades. Names of various groups such as the Navy Seals are painted on a round fixture on the roof. It is mounted on tractor tires at the rear with a smaller swivel wheel on front. 
Each is different, depending on what material Perrion had to work with. "I avoid buying new and keep costs down by using old iron," he says. "I have a wire welder that works fine after I grind away the rust."