"No-Weld" Pipe Connector

You don't need a welder to build a fence using this new adjustable no-weld pipe connector.

The Fence Bullet pipe connector kit joins a 2 7/8-in. dia. pipe post to a 2 3/8-in. cross pipe. It's designed to be used with compression fence braces or rail fences and assembles in just 5 min. using only end wrenches.

The kit comes with a band that clamps onto a 2 7/8-in. pipe post, and a double-slotted sleeve that slides over a 2 3/8-in. cross pipe. A 3-in. long carriage bolt runs through the band.

You slide the sleeve onto the cross pipe, then rest the inside of the pipe on the band ends and against the bolt. Secure the band to the post by tightening an outside nut on the bolt. Then lift the pipe and slide the sleeve against the post, fitting the slots in the sleeve to the bolt. The final step is to thread a flange nut on the bolt and tighten it snugly to the sleeve.

The Fence Bullet is offered in 3 versions: universal, angle, and rail. Angle and rail versions assemble with minor variations.