"Twister Trencher" Makes Narrow Drainage Ditches

"No other trencher can do what our pto-driven Twister Trencher can do. It lets you make narrow trenches in dry, hard-packed soil to drain water and save your crops. It leaves a trench 8 to 10 in. deep and only 7 in. wide, so machinery can be driven across it without damaging anything," says Steve Raguse.

The 3-pt. mounted Twister Trencher consists of a pto shaft hooked to a straight hardened shaft fitted with a series of cutting blades. The blades twist through the soil and throw it outward, spreading the soil evenly in a 10-ft. pattern behind the trencher.

"It works better than 3-pt. mounted, disk-type trenchers which can't penetrate dry, hard-packed soils. It also works better than flywheel-type trenchers that leave much wider trenches that can damage equipment," says Raguse. "It spreads the dirt thinly and evenly, allowing you to trench right after planting, or later in standing crops, with little or no crop damage. Various blade sizes are available to make the trench anywhere from 4 to 8 in. wide.

"You can use it all year long" in the spring to help with spring runoff; after planting to get your crop ready for growing-season rains; in standing crops; or after fall tillage. The auger is hooked directly to the pto shaft so there are no high maintenance gearboxes to worry about."

A conversion kit is available that lets you quick-tach the unit on front of a skid loader. An orbit motor that operates off the skid loader's hydraulics is used to drive the trencher's pto shaft.

The Twister Trencher operates on either 540 or 1,000 rpm pto's. It sells for $2,995 plus S&H. The conversion kit for skid loaders sells for $2,495 plus S&H. A pull-type model is also available and sells for $3,495 plus S&H.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Steve Raguse, Rt. 2, Box 24, Wheaton, Minn. 56296 (ph 320 563-8389; cell 320 815-0865; raguse@traversenet.com; www.trenchwheels.com).