Garden Tractor Powered By Outboard Motor

Schwab says the toughest repower yet was installing a 40 hp Johnson outboard motor in a 350 Deere. He started out with two Johnsons, one that worked and one that didn’t.

    “I cut apart the one that didn’t so I could see what I needed to do with the one that did work,” he notes.

    On an outboard, the exhaust comes out under the water and sucks water back up through the motor. Schwab had to figure out how to circulate water by adding new outlets and hose. He also added a radiator, electric fan, water pump and temperature gauge and made adapters and sending units.

    “There were lots of little things no one would think of,” he says.
    The next challenge was to hook the drive shaft to the hydrostatic. Not only was the shaft vertical, but also forward and reverse were at the bottom of the shaft at the propeller.

    “I shortened the shaft, cutting it and welding it back together and used a right angle unit that directed power to the propeller shaft and then back to the hydrostatic in the tractor,” says Schwab.