Walk-Through "C" Gate Leaves Hands Free

You'll never forget to close this gate, because you never have to open it. The new hands-free "C" gate eliminates the need to ever mess with chains or latches because you simply walk through.

"It's a great way to enter or exit pens," says inventor Marlin Haberstroh, Lisbon, N. Dak. "It allows you to easily carry saddles, feed, water, and other objects into or out of fenced areas."

The arched gate is made from tubular steel and is 42 in. wide. Its curved form allows people easy passage, yet the shape prevents livestock from getting through.

To install the gate, you remove a small section of fence and place the gate next to a pre-existing fence post, leaving enough room to walk through. Then bolt the center and ends of the gate to posts, using metal brackets already on the gate.

"You can adjust the opening size to whatever you want depending on where you locate the posts," says Haberstroh. "For example, if you plan to carry 5-gal. buckets through the gate, you'd set the bucket on the ground and then place the posts so you can comfortably fit through."

Haberstroh also offers a "Half C" Gate that can be used in combination with the C Gate to leave a smooth fence line.

"The Half C Gate works especially well for arenas or riding pens. The curved walk through portion can be positioned entirely outside the arena," says Haberstroh.