Chainsaw “Caddie” Great For Cleaning Brush

When Marvin Johnston watched his retired neighbors struggling to clear a pasture using a chainsaw, he knew there had to be a better way. So he designed and built the Chainsaw Caddie cutter.

“It provides a way to hold and maneuver a chainsaw close to the ground, without bending, stooping, or carrying the chainsaw,” says Johnston. “It works great for cleaning up fence lines, thinning timber, and cutting trees of nearly any size. It can be used with multiple brands and sizes of chainsaws and provides a safe and efficient way to remove trees and brush. The main thing is that you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to cut. Also, the operator is more than 5 ft. from the tip of the chainsaw bar, eliminating the risk of injury from kickback.”

The patented 2-wheeled carrier is made out of steel tubing with a metal frame to hold the chainsaw at 3 different places. The saw’s height can be adjusted by loosening a pair of bolts and moving the frame upward.

A throttle on the handle attaches by cable to the saw’s trigger. “The saw is balanced on the wheels so well that it hardly takes any pressure to move it around,” says Johnston. “Most of the time I keep the bar about 2 in. off the ground, although by bringing the handlebars down you can raise the bar up to almost 1 ft. off the ground.”

He says the unit works great for cutting trees surrounded by limbs or brush where you can’t even see the tree trunk. “You just push the saw in there and feel the tree with the saw, then pull the trigger and cut the tree down.”

The Chainsaw Caddie can be ordered with either rubber or steel wheels, both 26 in. in dia. “The steel wheels push just as easy as the rubber wheels and won’t go flat,” notes Johnston.