Hot Foam Used To Kill Weeds

Kill weeds anytime, anywhere and without hazardous, expensive herbicides. Weedingtech’s Foamstream does it all with a combination of hot water, steam and foam. Created from plant sugars and oils, Foamstream kills weeds on contact.

“The foam acts as a thermal blanket, trapping heat on the weeds,” says Tom Hamilton, Weedingtech. “It also acts as a wetting agent, enabling the heat to penetrate the weed’s waxy exterior walls. The density of the foam ensures there’s negligible drift so it’s very precise.”

The front-mount Foamstream boom carries 6 nozzles with variable configurations. A unit at the rear houses a pto-powered generator, 3 on-demand industrial heaters, and a 211-gal. tank with up to 3 power lances for spot weeding. A touch screen control panel mounts in the cab.
The British-built Foamstream is in its first year on the market, and the company is filling demand in the U.K and Europe before expanding to North America.

Benefits of the Foamtream system include no regulatory compliance, no required training, no hazardous chemicals and no weather dependence.
“It reduces your costs and is easy and effective,” says Hamilton. “The entire system attaches front and rear in 4 min.”

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