Powered "Running Board Lift"

People who have trouble getting in and out of big pickups, SUV's and vans will love this new powered "running board lift".

It's 10 in. wide and made out of 14-gauge steel. The unit can be installed on either or both sides of the vehicle. It's powered by a 12-volt motor and hydraulic system, which attaches to the frame under the vehicle and is controlled by a wireless remote.

The lift is designed so you can stop the up and down motion at any time by releasing a handheld remote control, much like the one you use to lock and unlock your car door.

The lift works only when the transmission is in the parked position. When the transmission is not in park, the running board will retract and stay in the up position, even if the remote is accidentally activated.

"The unit is custom made with brackets for each vehicle and can be painted to match the vehicle it's installed on. The length of the running board will vary depending on your vehicle and your needs," says Richard Esh.