Start A Business With Pelletizer

Paul Lawson doesnt just sell pelletizers; he helps customers add new products and even build new businesses. Lawson Mills Biomass Solutions LM-72 pellet systems are midsize machines that can process up to 1,000 lbs. per hour. The company works with customers to develop products and customize systems as needed in the companys test facility.

Our pellet systems can produce fuel pellets from virtually any biomass, says Lawson. However, we also help customers develop fish and animal feed pellets and other specialty uses. We have designed over 50 different die combinations and worked with hundreds of different products.

Lawson pellet systems have turned recycled wallboard into gypsum pellets that can be spread on fields or added to ponds to reduce acidification. Lawson developed a die that helped a coffee roaster pelletize chaff otherwise discarded, yet worth money in coffee flavor and oils.

One of our biggest success stories was working with a co-op of hops growers, says Lawson. Hops are very light and fluffy, and shipping them any distance is very expensive due to bulk. We redesigned the roller and die to pelletize the hops without generating the heat that would have affected flavor. It cut shipping and handling costs and made it easier for the brewers as well.

Lawsons low temperature pelletizing has proven beneficial for preserving medication and other feed additives. One small feed producer paid for his system in only three months by using it to make horse feed that included herbs and seaweed with the low temperature system. The pelletizers can handle mixed wet and dry materials, such as combining flax meal and alfalfa with molasses.

Lawson offers test pelletizing of various ingredients at no cost to prospective and current customers. He says it can pay even if he doesnt sell a machine.

We had a guy in California ask us to pelletize pine cones for fuel pellets, as they are a fire danger in his area, says Lawson. We proved it could be done, and then he bought a larger industrial system. However, we learned how to pelletize pine cones if someone else wants to do it. Weve pelletized pine needles, too.

The pellet systems are assembled from German and Canadian-made parts for high quality and long life.

While Lawson admits much cheaper systems are available, they often dont work up to expectations and sometimes not at all.

You wouldnt believe how many machines we have installed where a cheap Chinese-made pelletizer sat in the corner unused, says Lawson.  Ours are built to run 24/7 and can be linked if greater volume is needed.  Most of our customers pay for their systems within the first year.

The company also offers hammer mills, hay bale breakers, grinders, augers and conveyers. Like the pellet systems, these too are high quality machines sized to match the LM-72 systems. Leased equipment is also available.