Vehicle "Tilter" Makes Repairs Easy

You've never seen anything like this first-of-its-kind vehicle "tilter" that lets you safely and easily tilt a car or pickup onto its side for mechanical work on the underside, to make it easier to do body work on the sides or top.

"It's better than an overhead hoist because it lets you work in a comfortable position," says Robert Baker, U.S. distributor of the German-built "tilter". The device consists simply of three parts: Two rocker cradles and a rolling lift mechanism that's powered by a 1/2-in. electric drill. You can use the "tiller" on any level surface and it'll tilt a car up to 90 degrees (it's recommended you go no further than 80 degrees with a pickup because they're more top heavy).

To set it up, you must remove three wheels -- front and back on one side and the front wheel on the other side. The two rocker panels go on one side of the car, held in place by two lug bolts on each wheel hub. The lifting device bolts to the front hub on the opposite side. Then you just attach an electric drill and turn it on. The vehicle is raised by lifting of the front hub, which slides upward attached to a bracket on the lift mast. Small neoprene wheels at the base of the lift mast roll outward as the vehicle raises up and the rocker cradles roll back.

"It's fast and easy to use and can be used in a confined space. You can use it to raise up a car within a single car stall in a garage. No maintenance is required for the lift and all you have to remove from the car is the battery. There are no other problems with fluids leaking out," says Baker. "Best of all, unlike hydraulic lifts, there's no installation needed. You can use it anywhere and it lets you work on the vehicle standing up with the parts right in front of you, rather than overhead."

Can be used on any car, pickup, or other 4-wheel vehicle up to 6,200 lbs.