Deere 4020 Equipped With Sound Gard Cab

"I mounted the Sound Gard cab off a 1988 Deere 2955 tractor onto my 1971 Deere 4020 tractor. It helped make it one of the best looking 4020's around," says John Atkinson, Castleton, Ont.

Atkinson bought the 2955 fitted with the cab four years ago from an insurance company. He spent some time and money installing it, including a new air conditioner. All extra parts, including battery boxes and rubber mounts, were new Deere parts.

The 2955 tractor had been in an accident and had rolled completely over twice, landing on its wheels," says Atkinson. "A 7-year-old girl was in the cab at the time but was completely unharmed. The top of the cab was smashed in, but none of the glass was broken. I replaced the roof and straightened out the door which got bent. I had to modify the front of the cab a little where it goes over the cowling, but it wasn't a big job. The 2955 it was on had been made in Germany and has a solid cowling in front of the steering column. The cowling on U.S.-made 2955's is cut out there so the cab fits over the top of the shroud. I used a piece of cardboard to make a pattern, then cut the cowling to fit.

I bought the 4020 used in 1984 with 5,000 hours, and it now has 9,975 hours on it. I repainted it. It's equipped with dual remote hydraulic outlets, powershift transmission, side console, 20.8 by 38 rear radial tires, and 10 by 16 front tires. It's too bad they don't make 4020's again. I think it was and still is one of the best tractors Deere ever made."