Labor-Saving Firewood Trailers

"I built 8 different roofed trailers out of old pickup rear ends. It keeps me from having to handle firewood as often," says Ted Slaght, Putney, Vt.

Each trailer holds one cord of wood and has a wood or metal roof to keep rain and snow off.

"In the fall, I tow a trailer up to my house and park it, without having to unload it anywhere," says Slaght. "Another advantage is the trailers keep the wood up off the ground."

He used heavy angle iron to build the frames and welded pipes onto the front and back ends, and then mounted boards on the pipes to contain the wood. The floor is made from loose 4-ft. long boards.

The wheels are off old 1/2-ton pickups. To reinforce the pickup wheels, he cuts the centers out of the wheels and welds them into heavy-duty wheels that do a better job of carrying the load.

"Each trailer costs less than $20 to build. I get the heavy-duty tires and wheels at junk yards for $5 apiece," notes Slaght.

Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ted Slaght, 2247 Kurn Hattin Rd., Putney, Vt. 05346 (ph 802 722-4062).