Wireless Road Safety Lights For Machinery

First on the market with wireless safety warning lights for tractors, trailers and other farm equipment is Bosch Lights, of Versailles, Ind.

"Since there are no wires to bother with, you can mount the portable lights and be ready to roll in a matter of seconds," explains Paul Morris, president. "They're remote controlled by radio signals -- like an automatic garage door opener."

The kit includes two remote lighting units (left and right) which slip into pre-mounted brackets. Each unit has a built-in rechargeable 6-volt battery, recharger and provides four different lights -- a turn signal, brake light, tail light, and an emergency flashing light. The operator simply flips a switch on the transmitter, located inside the cab, to operate turn signals, brake lights or emergency "flashers" -- with no wires.

The transmitter has an operating range of about 200 ft., allowing you to install the "wireless" system on multiple hookups. For example, if you're pulling three grain wagons behind a tractor, you can mount the lights on the rear wagon and still be within operating range.

The two self-contained, portable lighting units are completely weatherproof and can be brought inside the cab and plugged into the cigarette lighter for recharging. (The tractor engine can be running but doesn't have to be). The lighting units will recharge from "completely dead" to full charge in four hours. One full charge provides about 10 hours of lighting time, says Morris.

The lighting units are equipped with a manual swich and can be operated independently as flashing warning lights -- without the transmitter. For example, suppose you're pulling a trailer down the road and a tire blows. You could unhook and park the trailer off to the side and use one of the lighting units, switched to the manual "flashing" mode, to warn motorists.

The kit includes two weatheproof lights (with built-in batteries and recharger), recharge adaptor for plugging into the cigarette lighter, transmitter and slip-on mounting brackets.