"Walk-In" Cage Catches Pest Birds

"I first read about it in a magazine in 1964 but I never built one until 1984. We've used it every year since catching hundreds of starlings, sparrows and other pest birds," says Jonas E. Borntrager, Clark, Mo. about the giant "walk in" bird trap he built.

Bomtrager says he caught 53 starlings on his best day last summer. "I know one farmer who caught more than 700 sparrows in one summer."

The trap is 6 ft. high at the peak, 8 ft. long and 6 ft. wide. An entrance grate at the bottom of the "V" at the top of the trap is just large enough for birds to slip through. Once inside, they flock to perches inside the trap and can't find their way out again. Birds are lured into the trap by live decoys. Borntrager says you should leave at least two birds inside each time you empty the trap -- and a generous supply of grain and drinking water. Once inside the trap, birds are so happy with the food and water that they attract other birds.

Bomtrager has a 1-page instruction sheet that shows how to build the trap and what materials are needed.