Bale Hauler Converts To Livestock Trailer

"It's the Cadillac of bale haulers," says Myron Horton, farmer and manufacturer of the Roadrunner bale hauler that converts to a livestock trailer or flatbed when not needed to haul bales.

The Roadrunner hauls 5 bales and has its own motor and battery to drive an unloading chain that unloads the bales back onto the ground in the same way they were picked up. This, Horton says, helps bales retain their moisture seal. A hydraulic-powered version for use behind tractors is also available, and self-loading bale arms can be installed as an option on hydraulic models. It can be fitted with both gooseneck and straight hitches.

Quick-connect attachments convert the bale transporter into a flatbed utility trailer. Removable steel panels can then be inserted into receiving slots in the bed to convert the flatbed to a sturdy 20 by 5 1/2 ft. livestock trailer.

Horton has established a dealer network throughout several states.