Add-On Hydraulic Outlet For Tractors

You can operate two hydraulic services with one double-acting valve thanks to a new plug-in solenoid-activated diverter valve that splits hydraulic flow between two applications with a remote control switch.

The add-on valve plugs into existing hydraulic ports with a pair of hoses and has four outlets for running two sets of hydraulics. A 12 or 24-volt powered solenoid mounted on the valve is controlled by a thumb switch on the existing hydraulic lever. The add-on valve handles flow up to 32 gpm at up to 4,200 psi and flow can be switched from one set of hydraulics to another at any rate of flow or pressure.

"It eliminates the need to constantly climb off the tractor to switch hoses and it's much less expensive than a modification of the tractor hydraulic system," says Martin Derks of Shelmar Products, who notes that the diverter valve could also be mounted directly onto any piece of equipment that requires double hydraulics, such as a large grain cart that has a hydraulically controlled auger and unload chute. That way you can operate the cart with any tractor that's equipped with one double-acting valve.