Hand Held Sawmill

You can mill trees into dimension lumber right where they fall with a new portable hand-held sawmill that weighs just 165 lbs.

The totally self-contained new saw is easily carried into the woods by two men. When a tree is felled, you simply trim off branches and raise one end of the tree up higher than the other end by placing it on another log. Once the saw is in place, one man can easily move it along by the cut by hand since the blade, and gravity, tend to pull it down the length of the log.

The saw features a narrow-kerf bandsaw blade that minimizes waste. It cuts full width boards from logs up to 23 in. in dia. Logs of any length can be cut into boards from 1/8-in. to 5 in. thick for any purpose. Two men can produce up to 500 sq. ft. of dimension lumber in one 8-hr. shift. The portable sawmill's industrial 5-hp, 4-cycle engine operates on 2 gal. of gasoline over an 8-hr. work day. Hand-operated throttle controls the cutting speed as saw glides on flat surface across the log.

An optional kit mounts the saw in a vertical position for use as a bandsaw for edging and resawing.