Drill Attachment Keeps Furrows Clean

You can seed faster and do a better job if you fit your grain drill with "bullets", according to a Nebraska farmer-inventor who's begun marketing his new bullet-shaped grain drill attachment.

Glen Brothers, Dix, Neb., says his new Gin Drill Retaining Bullets attach to grain drills to prevent the back row of shovels from filling the front furrows when increasing travel speed. Each "bullet" (a 3 1/2-in. dia. by 16-in. long polyethylene cylinder) is pulled by a chain by the front row of shovels.

"They'll let you travel up to 3 mph faster and help improve the stand and increase production. They adapt quickly to most drills and are durable enough to stand up to hard use," says Brothers, who's been using the bullet-shaped attachment on his own farm. "It also works just as well to keep a single row disk drill from backfilling at higher drilling speeds."

The "bullets" install simply by attaching the chain to the back of the shovel or opener shank about 5 or 6 in. above the shovel point. "Bullets" are also used on single row disk drills to keep them from backfilling at high speeds, using just one or two lengths of chain.