Convert Truck Into A Forage Box

You can convert your straight truck into a self-unloading forage wagon with the new Kelly Ryan slide-in "live floor" from Blair Mfg.

It stands on its own legs when not in use. To load, you simply back up to let it slide up and in on its own. Cinch it tight, quick-couple the hydraulics and you're ready to load forage into a silo blower, silage bagger or into a fence-line bunk.

Available in 16, 18 and 24-ft. lengths in three basic models: 1. Side delivery with three beaters and an optional cross auger; 2. Rear delivery with a single swinging gate and single beater; 3. Rear delivery with no beaters.

The four-strand heavy-duty apron unloading chain (667H) is made in two parallel sections and has a rated capacity of 50,000 lbs.