Wheat Straw Kitty Litter

Gary and Lynda Turco are putting a new twist to the concept of using straw as livestock bedding. They're taking wheat straw and making it into "Mountain Meadows Kitty Litter".

Last year, the Lewistown, Mont. couple used 100 tons of wheat straw baled off local farmers' fields to make their kitty litter. This year, they'll need about 2,000 tons, says Lynda.

The kitty litter the Turcos developed uses wheat straw, plus 7 other "classified" organic ingredients, which is pelleted at a local livestock feed processing plant.

Lynda explains that the specially developed litter is all organic -- unlike most kitty litters which have a clay base. She notes that the material's special composition absorbs odors as well as moisture. The litter lasts twice as long as others, says Lynda.