168-pages of Great Shop Ideas, money-saving repairs, time-saving maintenance shortcuts, modified tools & equipment plus the best shop tips, from past issues of FARM SHOW. This is Volume II in our 4-Volume "Great Shop Ideas" Book Series.

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Money-Saving Ideas Like These
Stephen K., Grand Rapids, Mich.:  “I make cheap penetrating oil using equal parts of fuel oil and transmission fluid.  If I have a larger rusted area on a piece of equipment, I soak a rag in the penetrating oil and lay it over the area for a couple days.  Oil will soak into the entire area so you can work on it. To remove a rusted bolt that won’t budge, just drill two or three small holes into the rusted nut and usually it will break loose.”

Harold H., Hale, Mo.:  “If you get a small tear or rust hole in a gas tank, there’s no need to drain the tank right away.  Just rub a bar of soap over the leak and it’ll seal it up temporarily.”

Al S., Egg Harbor, N.J.:  “When replacing bearings in equipment, I place the new bearing in the freezer for 2 hrs. before installing.  It usually drops right in without forcing it.”

Gary E. H., Frankfort, Ohio:  “One of my best money-savers over the years has been the use of JB Weld to repair engine blocks, radiators, oil pans and much more.  Very good success with whatever I use it on.”

 Larry L., Pekin, Ind.:  “Put unsalted hog lard on the threads of anything that you might someday have to take apart. It’ll prevent rust and easily unscrew years into the future.”

Derrick C., Chaplin, Conn.: “I coat plow blades and discs with non-stick cooking spray for winter storage. It costs less than grease and is far less messy.”

Tom D., Arco, Minn.: “I’d like to offer help to Wayne H. in Penn., who had a problem with gas leaking into the crankcase on his 2007 Deere 6 by 4 Gator equipped with a Kawasaki engine (Vol. 34, No. 2). I had the same problem. My mechanic and a small engine specialist determined it was caused by stale gas that wasn’t completely burning. Since then I’ve used a gas stabilizer in the fresh gas and haven’t had any problems. I’ve had this problem only with Kawasaki engines.”

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