This 168-page Great Shop Ideas book is a fantastic collection of shop tips, custom-made tools, repair techniques & maintenance tips from hundreds of farm shop wizards all across the country. This is Volume I in our 4-Volume "Great Shop Ideas" Book Series.

You Get Hundreds Of Shop Tips Like These

Floyd V., Lavilia, Iowa: "I take magnets out of old microwaves for use around the shop. There are two strong magnets in every microwave. Be sure to short circuit the capacitor before working on it because it can still store high voltage.
   "I use the magnets to pick up spilled nuts, bolts, nails and other parts. I just put the magnet in a plastic bag, pick up the spilled parts, and then turn the plastic bag inside out and the parts are neatly stored in the bag."

Robert K., Davenport, Iowa: "I save time by having special purpose tool boxes for electrical, plumbing, brakes, small engines, tires, wood working, etc. There's some duplication of tools between boxes but it's a lot easier than trying to pick all the necessary tools off my pegboard when I head to a job."

Clint K., Creighton, Mo.: "After connecting two wires together with a solderless connector, I seal the ends with silicone. It makes the connection watertight and helps keep the wires secure."

Michael R., Bloomington, Indiana: "In your last issue, Cal Yapp, Littleton, Mass., reported that his 1988 Jeep Cherokee runs until it gets hot, then stalls and won't start. Try changing the fuel relay on top of the right fender under the hood. I had a similar situation with my '87 Jeep Cherokee and that solved the problem."

Duane C., Lyons, N.Y.: "One of the common problems on International Harvester 06 series tractors is wear in the shift linkage joints. To solve the problem I lengthened the throw on the range shift lever, allowing it to compensate for wear and and enabling it to reach reverse and high gear much more easily."

Mark J., Baudette, Minn.: "To lube sealed bearings, just drill a 1/6-in. hole in the metal part of the bearing and use a needle to inject the lube. I've used the idea on CV joints, U-joints, bike axles, bike pedals, etc. After injecting grease, the hole can be sealed with tape or some other sealer if necessary."

Richard H., Coopersville, Mich.: "The knotter on my baler kept skipping and as a result the bales would break. I switched to heavier 7,200-lb. kicker bale twine and also waxed the bale chute. Problem solved."

Paul M., Belmond, Iowa: "Whenever the greaseless bearings go out on a roller on my round baler, I buy steel tubing from my steel supplier and press in new bearings. It costs less than 1/4 the cost of a new roller from the company."

John V., Olmsted, Ohio: "I installed a 12-volt GM HEI (high energy ignition) electronic ignition in my 1951 Ford 8N tractor. It works great and eliminates the points. Kits are available for just about any type of equipment and distributors. You get better starts and easier maintenance. Just search up 'high energy ignition' kits on the internet and you'll find them."

R.E. C., Dillwyn, Va.: "I patched a hydraulic cylinder rod using an aluminum welding rod of the type you see at fairs where the salesman will use it to patch a hole in a soda pop can. It works great. Electric rods leave a small groove in the side of the bead and bronze rods require too much heat. These aluminum weld rods work just right."

Norman R., Wellesley, Ont.: "To loosen up rusted bolts I use industrial strength hydrogen peroxide on them. The hydrogen peroxide softens the rust quickly. However, it doesn't work if oil is used first."

Jeffrey M. H., Vesper, Wis.: "To remove bearing races from a blind hole, run a bead of weld on the race and allow it to cool, then flip the piece over. The race will fall out, or else you can pull it out by hand."

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