Profit-Boosting On-Farm Business Ideas

We're proud to announce publication of "Money-Making Ideas To Boost Farm Income", a first-of-its-kind collection of more than 250 profit-boosting ways farmers and ranchers are increasing farm income. This 96-page special issue is chock full of on-farm business ideas you won't see anywhere else.

Even if you've kept every issue of FARM SHOW, you'll enjoy the convenience of this book which pulls together all our best "money-making" stories from the past 30 years. This is Volume 1 in our 5-Volume "Money-Making Ideas" Series!

The ideas shown below represent only a random sampling of the "best ideas" featured in this special collection.
Here's A Sample Of What You Get!
  • Custom Lumber Maker Travels To Farms
  • Woman Turns Apples Into Doll Heads
  • "Sideline" Seed Cleaner
  • Pitch Fork Fondue Catches On Fast
  • Lollipops "Lick" Unemployment
  • Grain Bin Moving Business
  • Farmer Makes Potato Chips In Barn
  • Unicorn Steers Worth $50,000
  • Old Barn Now A Restaurant
  • Farm Wife Makes "No Cost" Furniture
  • Minnesota Farmer Raises Wild Boars
  • Sweet Corn "Smut" Sells As Delicacy
  • North Dakotan Runs Dog Business
  • "Honey In A Straw"
  • Full-Time Gopher Trappers
  • Business Booming For Peacock Farmers
  • Traveling Shop Housed In School Bus
  • He Trains Bulls For Rodeo Clowns
  • Mechanic Makes House Calls
  • Work Clothes Designed For Women
  • Montana Couple Raises Arctic Musk Oxen
  • Woman Creates "Road Kill" Fashions
  • He Makes Furniture Out Of Horseshoes
  • Raising "American Cream" Drafthorses
  • Couple Brings Corn Snack To Market
  • Iowan Runs World's Biggest Turtle Farm
  • He Turns Wheat Into Art
  • Baked Potatoes Pay Off For Family
  • On-Farm Meat Packing Catches On
  • Upscale Doggy Treats Find A Market
  • "Straw Animal" Lawn Ornaments
  • Easy-To-Make Rocking Animals
  • Cricket Farmers Chirp With Success
  • Milking Profits From Milkweeds
  • He Sucks Up Grain For A Living
  • Rent-A-Tree Idea Catches On
  • He Custom Washes Dairy Barns
  • Colorado Farmer Raises Blue Corn
  • Farmers Turn Fields Into Fairways
  • Farm Toys Made From Corn Cobs
  • Mushrooms Bring Success To Couple
  • Mobile Poultry Processing Plant
  • He Created A New Kind Of Cat
  • Antique Farm Equipment Dealership
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