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Cargo Platform Fitted To 3-Pt. Lift Arms
Like other FARM SHOW readers, this writer is always finding ideas in every issue that can make farm work simpler, more fun, or more interesting. For me, that sometimes happens before the idea even appears in an issue. That was the case when John Hohmann told me about his 3-pt. shelf and tool holder.
Hohmann has a knack for finding simple solutions to tractor life. He built a simple carry-all for supplies like baler twine and cans of fuel. He also turned a piece of angle iron into an easy-to-reach tool holder on his fender.
ďFor years, Iíve been driving my tractor one-handed while balancing cans of fuel, extra batteries, baler twine, and more,Ē says Hohmann. ďI built a 20 by 30-in. platform to rest on the arms of my 3-pt. hitch. I rimmed it with 2 by 2-in. edges to keep items from falling off.Ē
Hohmann used 1-in. boards for the shelf. He added 2 by 2ís under the platform to rest against the 3-pt. arms and stabilize the platform.
I was so impressed with the simple solution that I built one for myself. I made a few changes to match my needs. When I head to the woods, I carry my chainsaw and supplies in my loader bucket. That means I have to empty the bucket to use it to move a log or brush out of the way. I could see Hohmannís shelf solving that hassle.
I made mine a little bigger, 30 by 30 in., out of 1-in. boards. I added 8-in. high, 1/2-in. plywood sides with a gap for two chainsaw bars. That left room for the chainsaw bodies as well as the fuel mix, bar oil, and other chainsaw gear. I also had room for a log chain and my battery-powered winch (Vol. 44, No. 6).
One of the things that Hohmann liked about his was the light weight and ease of taking it on and off. He admitted that he needed to drive with some care over rough ground to be sure the platform didnít bounce off.
Mine is heavier to be sure. In addition to the under-shelf 2 by 2ís, I added eye bolts to let me pin the shelf to a lift arm. This ensures it doesnít bounce off when I hit an unnoticed gopher mound.
Hohmanís other idea caught my attention as well. He mounted a short length of angle iron to a rear fender after drilling holes for extra drawbar pins. I did the same for a drawbar pin, 3-pt. hitch pins and my chainsaw tool. Like his supply shelf, itís a super simple fix for a shortage of space on his tractor and mine. Iíll be interested in hearing what FARM SHOW readers do with Hohmannís ideas.
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