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Restored Oliver Spreader Looks, Works Like New
Dave Ferrante’s restored 1963 model 471 Oliver spreader would be a rarity anywhere but it’s particularly unusual in Wyoming. “It’s rare to find Oliver tractors and tillage equipment out here, and even more rare to find a nearly 60-year-old Oliver spreader,” Ferrante says. “I looked a long time for one of these and eventually found one nearly 1,500 miles away in Kentucky. The size is just right for our needs, but quite a bit smaller than the big spreaders cattle ranchers have around here.”
Ferrante says the 471 was “real tired” when he loaded it on his trailer for the long trip back to Wyoming. “I was a little skeptical at first when I saw the rusty beaters, bent paddles, twisted shields, and loose-fitting side panels,” Ferrante says. “However, I saw that the chassis, wheels, and drive shaft were in good shape and the original jack worked, so I bought it,”
Ferrante started the 8-month restoration by removing and cleaning virtually all the spreader’s parts and making new ones as needed in his machine shop. He ground rivets off all the paddles, welded the cracks, and drilled new 3/8-in. holes for stainless steel replacement bolts. He made 2 new shields, added new grease zerks, and made new bearing collars out of forged steel. He also rebuilt the beaters and beater drives. Ferrante says Oliver originally cast the bearing holders with a single slot, so he welded up the worn areas and rebuilt them so the holders he made would fit snug.
Ferrante sandblasted the parts before painting the implement classic Oliver green and white. “I found an old Oliver brochure online that gave me the color scheme, so it’s authentic, including the special-made decals.”
Ferrante says he could still use a plate cover for the bottom left side feeder gear and a left side replacement shield, which he hasn’t been able to locate.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dave Ferrante, 870 Road 19, Powell, Wyo. 82435 (ph 307 754-1555).

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