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“Scratch & Dust” Walk-Through Arch
Todd Terwilliger created a “scratch and dust” walk-through arch that works great for fly control. Worn out street brooms on either side let cattle scratch while an overhead bag dusts them as they pass through. Best of all, the arch is rugged enough to stand up to bull, and cows alike.
    “I had draped fence posts with tubes to apply diesel fuel for fly control, but the cows kept snapping the posts off,” says Terwilliger. “I decided to make something that wouldn’t break.”
    Terwilliger’s solution was a set of 4 by 4-in. steel tubes for the sides and top of an archway anchored to 4 by 12-in. channel iron skids. Braces to reinforce the butt-welds are 2 by 5-in. channel iron running from the ends of the base plates to the vertical 4 by 4’s.
    “I welded a length of 4 by 4-in. steel tubing for a cross bar at about an 8-ft. height and reinforced the joints with gusset plates,” says Terwilliger. “I wanted the structure to be bull-proof.”
    He mounted the repurposed street brooms to solid steel strips welded perpendicular to the bases and the verticals. “I used all scrap steel I had laying around,” says Terwilliger. “The strips had holes in them, and I used trailer hitch balls on the bottom strips for the brooms to slide over. I drilled out slightly larger holes in the top strips and dropped hitch pins in to hold the brooms in place.”
    Terwilliger hung a standard dust bag from the cross member. The vertical posts extend an additional 2 ft. above the cross member.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Todd Terwilliger, 10337 Church Creek Rd.,
Lindley, N.Y. 14858 (ph 607 329-9544; twiggys1a@yahoo.com).

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