Rare Deere Scamper Ready For Parades
Mike Saelens owns an extremely rare John Deere Scamper. According to production records, it’s one of only 11 built in 1962. Saelens says he located the machine after finding notes that his father, an equipment salesman for a Deere dealership in Moline, Ill., had collected over the years.
    Saelens wrote a letter to the address of a person who owned a Scamper and found it was for sale.
    Saelens says the original engine and transmission had been replaced with components from a Harley Davidson golf cart, and the frame had been modified for that installation. He wanted his restoration to be more “original”, so he refabricated the frame and installed a Tecumseh engine and transmission. The operator platform, front console, and tilting rear panel assembly are still original and in excellent condition.
    A forerunner of today’s modern Deere Gator, the Scamper was built by M.O. Holton in Slinger, Wis. Saelens has a copy of the original invoice showing that 10 machines were sold to Deere for $767 each in 1962. A stripped down model without a tailgate, chrome body rails and lights sold for $700. Saelens says Deere probably marketed the Scampers for about $1,000, which in 1962 was a steep price.
Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Saelens, Coal Valley, Ill. 61240.

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