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How To Replace A Bad Fuel Line In A Small Plastic Gas Tank
Cal Miner, Willmar, Minn.: “Replacing a bad fuel line in a small plastic gas tank, such as on a weedeater, can be a difficult job. Over time the fuel line hardens and doesn’t seal properly against the hole where it enters the tank, which allows fuel to leak out. It’s best to pull the fuel line out and replace it with a new one, but the tank’s fill hole is often too small to reach in with a needle-nose pliers. Some older tanks come with a molded-in fuel barb that clamps on, but newer tanks don’t have that.
  “My solution is to wrap fishing line several times around the top part of the fuel line and then knot it to keep it from unraveling, which compresses it. I also cut off the end of the line at an angle, which makes it easier to pull and push the line through. I make sure to attach the in-tank filter and weight on the line at the proper length, and then I pull the line out and install a new line. It’s resilient and forms a tight seal. I make sure that the new fuel line is the correct diameter.

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