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Quick Fix Saves Shop Vac Filters
Quit replacing shop vac filters with a quick fix from Dale McLaen. His 2-stage dust collector captures fine dust before it reaches the filter.
    “I have a waste oil furnace in my shop, and it produces a fine gray ash,” says McLaen. “Initially I thought it would be easier to vacuum up than to sweep, but the dust plugged up the vacuum filter. I added a cyclone type dust separator to a new heavy-duty shop vac. It traps about 90 percent of the dirt and dust, which keeps the filter from clogging up.”
    McLaen mounted the shop vac canister to a plywood base on caster wheels, screwing it down to the base. Then he screwed down a 5-gal. pail alongside the shop vac. He attached a Dust Deputy cyclone separator to a plastic lid of a second 5-gal. pail and set that pail inside the first pail (www.oneida-air.com; ph 800 732-4065).
    A vacuum hose is connected to the outlet of the dust separator and the inlet of the shop vac. A pickup hose was mounted to the inlet of the dust separator.
    “When the shop vac is turned on, dust and dirt are sucked into the cyclone chamber and fall into the inner pail,” explains McLaen. “When the pail is full, I remove the lid and lift the inner pail out to dump it.”
    The cyclone dust separator/shop vac combo is equally handy for cleaning out the waste oil furnace and a pellet stove. McLaen even uses it with post holes.
    “I use it to remove the loose dirt at the bottom of post holes,” he says. “It’s the go-to vacuum we use for everything indoors and out.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dale McLaen, McLaen’s Service, 13756 Hwy. 11, Rutland, N. Dak. 58067 (ph 701 724-6232; mclaen@drtel.net).

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