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His Farm Office Replicates An Old Time Store
Illinois farmer Tim Wood started collecting, repairing and painting old farm stuff with his father back in 6th grade. Some 50 years later he’s still at it. “My farm office is like an old McCormick-Deering machinery dealership inside the building that houses my collectibles, seed business and farm equipment,” says Wood. “I always liked those old small-town buildings with big windows and angled entryways, so that’s what I built.”
    Wood got the idea for the authentic-looking facade from an old black and white picture. He built his to scale using approximate measurements from a horse and buggy in the photo as his guide. The 1920’s-style design has large plate glass windows, stained glass above a doublewide entry door, and the Wood & Sons name painted in old-style lettering.
    Inside, the office is 22 by 24 ft. with an 18-ft. high ceiling. Walls are finished with wainscoting and chair rail. The ceiling replicates old tin with crown molding around the edges. “I wanted it to look as authentic as possible,” says Wood, “so I even put in 1920’s-era lighting and old shelving from a general store.”
    His furnishings include a nice collection of old seed bags, antique farm scales and pot-bellied stoves. “One of my favorite scales was built by Computing Scale Company, which later became IBM,” Wood says. He has another scale that will weigh up to 5,500 lbs., the amount that a typical horse and wagon would’ve weighed nearly 100 years ago. Wood had a vinyl cover made for his refrigerator that looks like a giant oil can and another made for a metal door so it looks like a vault safe. He plans on turning an old grain drill he purchased at a recent auction into a bar.
    Wood’s tractor collection takes up a portion of the building and one wall has neatly arranged colorful seed bags that he’s collected over the years. “I can still find farm antiques at estate sales, auctions and swap meets throughout Illinois and the Midwest, but it’s getting tougher all the time,” says Wood.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Tim Wood, 706 CR 800N, Tolono, Ill. 61880.

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