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Reverse Pto For Engine Work
Loren Eddy has a slick way to work on engines when restoring old tractors. He backs up a tractor to the pto on the tractor being restored and attaches his “pto reverser” between the two.
    “It does a neat job of breaking in a newly overhauled engine,” says Eddy. “You can leave out the injectors and spark plugs, yet be able to turn over the driveshaft until you know you have oil pressure and get the cylinders lubed without ruining an engine job.”
    A direct connection would result in the second tractor shaft turning the wrong way. His reverser uses two gears left over from live power units in older IH tractors. Eddy lined up the gears and sandwiched them between 1/4-in., 4 by 5-in. angle iron.
    Each gear has a splined shaft. One shaft slips over the pto shaft on the drive tractor. The second shaft connects to the powering tractor with a tumbling rod.
    “The angle irons make it easy to clamp the reverser to the drawbar,” explains Eddy. “Because tractors are different, you have to adapt as you go. The key is to get it secure. I usually rig it up with wood blocks and C clamps on the drive tractor. I had it come loose once, and that wasn’t good.”
    Eddy likes that he can start an older hand-crank tractor without the crank. Just put in the plugs and use the reverser.
    “You do need to hit the clutch to disconnect as soon as it starts, as the engines may run at different speeds,” says Eddy.
    The reverser doesn’t require much maintenance. Eddy occasionally lubricates the gears with high-temperature grease.
    Once it's in place, he'll run it for 20 to 30 min. on a restored engine to fill up the oil filter, oil lines, and break in the engine.
    “I used it recently on a 2236 McCormick,” says Eddy. “It's a big, heavy engine, and I ran it for an hour and 45 minutes. I’ve even used it on little hit-and-miss engines. It's really handy.”
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Loren Eddy, 23705 497th St., Centerville, Iowa 52544 (ph 641-856-2223).

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