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Tote Cage Deer Stand
Sidney Stubbs is all set for fall hunting season thanks to his tote cage deer stand. With 5 of the 46-in. high, 40 by 48-in. cages stacked, Stubbs is up high, out of the deer and elk’s line of sight.
    “They don’t even seem to see the cages,” says Stubbs. “I have a platform on the floor of the top cage where I can sit. Once I hang camo around it, I can’t be seen.”
    Stubbs says the deer stand was easy to make. After knocking out the bottoms of each tote, he brazed them together.
    “I probably used $3 worth of brass to do the whole thing,” says Stubbs. “It only took about 2 1/2 hrs. I loaded it on a trailer and took it to the spot where I wanted to set it up.”
    With the help of a friend, Stubbs laid down poles for a level base next to a tall tree. A ladder allowed them to attach a snatch block up high. Then they hooked one end of the cable to the top of the tree stand and the other to my quad,” he says. “We just pulled it into place and used tie-down ratchet straps to connect it to the tree.”
    He says climbing it is almost as easy as climbing stairs. Stubbs encourages others to make their own.    “You can get these totes and cages for practically nothing,” he says.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Sidney Stubbs, RR1, Site 6, Box 21, Beaverlodge, Alta. Canada T0H 0C0 (ph 780 354-2727; sid.s47@hotmail.com).

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