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Cordless Drill Winds Up String Line
Matt McNaughton, Foothills, Alberta: “I often use a string line to help align fences and walls, and I had been winding up the string around a 1 by 4 board with notches cut into one end.  However, the string always seemed to get twisted and the wind-up process took too long.
    “To make the job easier, I drilled a hole into one end of a 9-in. dowel and screwed a 1/4-in. threaded shaft into it.  I also mounted 2 large wooden washers onto the dowel to keep the string in line.  There’s enough room at the opposite end of the dowel for a loose hand hold. 
    “To wind up the string, I just insert the threaded shaft into a cordless drill and start it up.  Works like a charm.”

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2017 - Volume #41, Issue #4