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Pto-Powered Pressure Washer
The crew at a local Pressure Washer Warehouse came through when FARM SHOW reader Jake Iftner came looking for a pto-powered pressure washer.
    “They came up with a combination of pressure washer, drive components and a stable platform that gets the job done,” says Iftner. “I had a 3-pt. hitch frame from an old Oliver mower, and they added mostly off-the-shelf components.”
    “The biggest challenge was sizing the drive pulley on the pto shaft to the pressure washer,” says Steve Barry at Pressure Washer Warehouse, Quincy, Ill. “It took a little trial and error, but now that we have it, it would be easy to do again.”
    Barry used a General brand pressure washer pump and set it up to operate at between 2,500 and 3,000 psi. They mounted it, a hose reel and a power transfer shaft in block bearings on a 3 by 4-ft. square platform. Only the power shaft had to be fabricated at a local machine shop.
    “We used 1/4-in. steel on a framework of 2 by 3-in. channel iron,” says Barry. “The channel iron was attached to an old 3-pt. yoke for a mower. Before the steel plate was welded in place, it looked a little like a bale spear.”
    Custom projects like this are not new to Barry. The family-owned business does a lot of fix and repair in addition to selling pressure washers, air compressors, parts, and supplies. They also operate their own pressure washing business for over-the-road transports as well as local customers. That work gives Barry a special appreciation of the importance of customer service.
    “We actually got into sales and service because we couldn’t find anyone to repair our pressure washing equipment within a 2-hr. drive,” says Barry. “We’ve been in business for 2 years, and it has grown, mostly through word of mouth.”
    He hopes others will hear about and want a similar pto-powered pressure washer. The system ended up costing about $2,000.
    “The hard part is done, setting up the first one,” says Barry.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pressure Washer Warehouse, 7403 Broadway St., Quincy, Ill. 62305 (ph 217 214-4557; info@pressurewashingwarehouse.com; www.pressurewashingwarehouse.com).

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