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“Smartpuller” Yanks Brush Out By The Roots
Buckthorn and other invasive shrubs don’t stand a chance against Pierre Ménard’s Smartpuller. With its sharpened articulating jaws, it grabs and pulls brush out, roots and all.
    “The more you pull, the more it bites into the trunk,” says Ménard. “It is all that is needed to pull buckthorn out with its roots.”
    After seeing the Smartpuller at work on Ménard’s Youtube video, FARM SHOW decided to order one. It comes in 2 pieces - a base and a handle – that you attach to a 2 by 4 with 4 bolts.
    This writer has tried numerous methods of removing buckthorn and other small saplings. The Smartpuller is the best yet, hands down.
    Other similar tools often bite into the slippery bark, but not the wood itself. The articulated jaws on the Smartpuller, with their “very” sharp teeth, clamp through the bark, deep into the woody fibers. There is no slippage here.
    The base of the Smartpuller is rounded, so it provides a natural rocking action, following the surface of the ground instead of digging into it.
    The longer the shaft, the greater the leverage you have. I went with a 6-ft. length, as it gave me significant leverage, but wasn’t too ungainly when moving around in the woods or from one site to another.
    Ménard is being honest when he describes the Smartpuller as “not very nice looking.” It’s also heavy. He built it to do a tough job, and the rugged, unpainted steel is well suited. It is also a little awkward when first setting it up alongside a trunk. The base goes to one side and the handle around the other side.
    All is forgiven when the trunk and roots slide smoothly out of the dirt. Stem diameter that can be removed depends on the soil conditions and the root system. It easily handled 1 to 2-in. dia. and larger stems of multiple woody species.
    A friend recently broke a wrist, falling back when a shrub he was pulling by hand suddenly gave way. The $60 (plus shipping) cost of the Smartpuller would have looked cheap in comparison to the price he paid in pain and money.
    You can see a video of the Smartpuller in action at www.farmshow.com.    
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pierre Ménard, 4440 Chemin Robinson, Cookshire-Eaton, Que. Canada J0B 1M0 (ph 819 829-2501; vispieux@gmail.com; www.vispieux.com).

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