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Matchsticks Used To Fix A Miss In 2000 Power Stroke Engine
Arthur Peabody, Upton, Wyo.: ďA couple of matchsticks saved me $940. Thatís what my Ford dealer wanted to charge me to fix a miss in my 2000, 7.3-liter Power Stroke engine. We had already replaced the valve cover, gasket and more on the left side of the engine, but the diagnostics insisted the problem was there. The dealer wanted to replace the computer.
  ďI could hear the miss on the right side, so I decided to check it out. I took the valve cover off and took the wiring harness out and then plugged it in without the valve cover in place. It ran fine.
  ďThe problem was the electric plug on the inside of the valve cover. It has 2 little clips that snap in place, but over time they had gotten loose, probably from engine heat.
  ďI wedged a couple of matchsticks (after removing the heads) behind the plug. The problem was solved. Itís been 3 years, and itís still working fine.Ē

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