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ATV-Garden Tractor Goes 50 Mph
“When you meet a car on the road and are going 50 mph on a garden tractor, you get some really weird looks,” says Mike Crutcher, who built an “ATV garden tractor” by combining a 1972 Allis Chalmers 410 garden tractor with a 1993 Kawasaki Bayou 220 ATV.
    The machine’s frame, engine, transmission, suspension system, rear wheels, rear end and brakes are all from the ATV. The seat, steering box and body are from the tractor.
    “It’s pretty much a Kawasaki ATV inside a tractor body. I modified the 4-wheeler components to fit the tractor,” says Crutcher.     
    “Fitting the engine in was a big job. I measured the tractor’s wheelbase, then cut the ATV frame in half and lengthened it to fit the tractor’s body. I also had to cut the sides out of the tractor body in order to make room for the engine.    
    “The gauges on the dash are only for looks. I have right around 600 hrs. of labor in it. I built it because I wanted to do something different and just use it to run around town.”
    The 220 cc ATV engine has a 5-speed transmission with reverse, which is operated by a Hurst car shifter located on one side of the operator platform. The shifter is connected by a long metal rod to the transmission’s shift linkage.
    The rear ATV wheels are fitted with sport racing dirt tires. The front wheels and tires were designed for a small trailer. Crutcher modified them to fit the ATV’s wheel hubs. He made the brake pedal and throttle in his shop.     
    “It was a lot of work but I enjoyed doing it,” says Crutcher.
    You can watch a a video of the machine by going on youtube and typing in “rabbid allis”. “My thanks to Mike and Ace Adams for making the video,” says Crutcher.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Mike Crutcher, 102 Magnolia Lane, Cooksville, Ill. 61730 (ph 309 838-3542; macmm55@gmail.com).

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