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Oddball Tractors Add Up To A Colorful Collection
When it comes to collecting tractors, Donald Russell isnít partial to any one color. He actually specializes in oddball colors that illicit confused looks from tractor collectors who visit his private Carlisle, Iowa, museum. His collection includes models such as a white 1979 John Deere 2240 and an orange 1973 John Deere 301A with a forest green hood. The amazing thing about his collection is that all tractors are painted just the way they came from the factory.
††††Custom-colored tractors were often ordered for specific reasons. For example, the white John Deere cost an extra $300 for the custom paint job for a North Carolina city with an ordinance requiring all city-owned equipment to be white. A mint green 1981 John Deere 401B was used by the U.S. Border Patrol in Arizona and matched the color of that organizationís other equipment.
††††Besides odd colors, Russell appreciates custom accessories like the grill guard on front of his dual-colored Deere 301A and its 575-lb. belly weight. Originally owned by Sangamon County in Illinois, it apparently pulled heavy equipment for road or parks work.
††††Models with low production numbers are also part of Russellís collection.
††††ďI have a (yellow) Deere 320 utility tractor from 1958. Only 199 were made and less than 70 were painted industrial yellow,Ē he notes.
††††A personal favorite - because itís reminiscent of tractors from his childhood - is a 1963 Allis Chalmers Series 2 D10 which is red instead of orange.
††††Russellís tractors attract a lot of attention when he takes them to shows and local parades. He also welcomes visitors (by appointment) to the museum he built in Carlisle.
††††ďIt holds about 30 tractors, and the walls are covered with signs and memorabilia,Ē he says, including signs from former local businesses. Toys in 1/16-scale and pedal models line shelves above the full-sized tractors.
††††Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Donald Russell, Antique Tractor Showcase, P.O. Box 565, Carlisle, Iowa 50047.

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