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“Steam Locomotive” Wood Burning Stove
About 25 years ago Dallas Denison went to the library and got a photo of an old steam locomotive equipped with a cow catcher. He used the photo to build a wood burning stove that still sits in his house in front of the chimney.
  The steam locomotive measures 8 ft. long and sets on 10 ft. of fake railroad tracks. A big railroad crossing sign stands nearby. The entire locomotive is painted black with chrome and brass plating accents.
  The stove’s door is located on front of the steam engine’s tank, and a smoke stack on top of the tank feeds into the chimney.
  “It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door. We used it to heat our house for many years. Everything on it is handmade,” says Denison, of Dundas, Minn.
  The locomotive’s headlight is located on front and has a big silver bell mounted on top of it. The stove’s door is off a commercial wood burning furnace. The locomotive rides on wheels made from 1/2-in. thick sheet metal.
  “I found the miniature railroad tracks at a junkyard, and a series of 2 by 4’s under the tracks serve as fake railroad ties,” notes Denison.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dallas Denison, 12138 Faribault Blvd., Dundas, Minn. 55019 (ph 507 645-9873; mddenison@gmail.com).

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