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C-Clamp Holder Lets You Set Lit Torch Down
With a C-clamp and a little welding, Pete Krusch of Cambridge, Vt., made a safe holder for welding and cutting torches.
    “I made it so that I have a place to temporarily hold a lit torch while aligning or adjusting pieces to be welded,” Krusch explains.
    He cut off two small pieces of 1/2-in. ID pipe and welded them to a 6-in. piece of flat iron, which is welded to a C-clamp. Larger 3/4-in. pipe also works for larger torches, he adds.
    The length of the flat iron keeps the lit torch at a safe distance from whatever the holder is clamped to. With pipes going in two directions the holder can be clamped on a vertical or horizontal surface.
    It has come in handy for many applications, Krusch says. Just use common sense where you clamp it.
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Pete Krusch, 140 Forge Dr., Cambridge, Vt. 05444 (ph 802 644-5358; pkrusch@myfairpoint.net).

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