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"Down Low" ATV Sprayer
An Indiana farmer rigged his sprayer to apply chemicals with minimal exposure to the operator.
  Dennis Brooks mounted a 15-gal. Demco poly tank on a home-built aluminum frame that slips into the receiver hitch on the back of his 4-wheeler. Chemicals are applied through nozzles strung across a 3-ft. boom. A handheld spray wand with a 10-ft. hose is carried by a tray at the back of the frame. Cotter pins secure the hoses.
  Brooks’ friend John Goddard fabricated the aluminum frame for him. “I use it to spray thistles and other weeds on several acres. The boom covers a 5-ft. wide area and, by using the handheld wand, I can cover an area about 10 ft. wide. The wand works great for spraying fence rows,” says Brooks. “My Honda Rincon 650 4-wheeler is equipped with independent rear suspension, which helps absorb the tank’s weight. I don’t have a foam marker system on it, but as long as I can see my tire tracks I know where to spray without overlapping.”
  The sprayer frame is secured to the 4-wheeler’s rear cargo rack by bungee straps, which attach to vertical posts built into the frame. “The straps help keep the tank rigid and reduce the weight on the receiver hitch,” says Brooks.
  The bottom of the tank is bolted to a pair of 3-in. dia. pvc pipes that are strapped to bolts in the frame. The tray that holds the spray wand is fashioned from 1-in. dia. pvc pipe and is notched in a way that locks the nozzle trigger in the “on” position.
  A toggle switch mounted on the 4-wheeler’s rear rack is used to turn the sprayer on or off, and to switch between the boom and handheld nozzle. Brooks mounted a trailer plug adapter on the cargo rack that hooks up to the 4-wheeler’s battery and doubles as a plug-in for the sprayer and a battery maintainer.
  “If I want, I can quickly unbolt the receiver hitch from the 4-wheeler and install a drawbar to pull other implements,” says Brooks.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Dennis Brooks, 13030 E. 400 S., Elizabethtown, Ind. 47232 (ph 812 579-5218 or 812 371-5728; brooksfarms57@yahoo.com).

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