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Portable Sandblaster Made From Water Tank
"I made my own portable sandblaster using a 3,000-gal. plastic water tank and an old satellite dish. It's big enough to hold large parts and is easy to move around," says Ron Hanen, Montevideo, Minn.
    He started with a 3,000-gal. plastic water tank that he already had. He cut a 3-ft. sq. opening out one side of the tank to make an access door. An air-powered blast gun hooks up to an air compressor. A siphon hose runs from the gun down into a bucket of sand.
    To build the sandblast "pressure pot", he used a 16-in. dia., cone-shaped air cleaner off a road grader. He connected an 8-in. dia. metal pipe to the bottom of the air cleaner to hold a sand valve. Then he connected another length of pipe to the top of the air cleaner, which is used to fill the pot. He cut an opening in one side of the tank to feed the air.
    An electronic solenoid is used to open a one-way air valve which opens the sand valve at the bottom of the pot, allowing air to mix with the sand - all at the touch of a button that mounts behind the blasting tip.
    An exhaust fan clears away dust during sandblasting. Lights inside the tank provide light.
    "I built it because I didn't have space in my shop for a sandblaster," says Hanen. "I got the satellite dish from someone for free.
The 3-ft. sq. window has a pair of 7 1/2 in. dia. access holes cut into it that are spaced 16 in. apart. I fitted the access holes with protective gloves that I bought from a tool and equipment company.
    "To clean a part, I reach inside the square opening to hold the blasting gun."
    Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, Ron Hanen, 7065 70th St. N.W., Montevideo, Minn. 56265 (ph 320 793-6681).

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