2003 - Volume #27, Issue #4, Page #03
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Homemade Fogger Controls Mosquitoes

A.E. Shelton Sr., Chattahoochee, Florida, says he has a mosquito problem that just won't quit, but with his homemade fogger, he can keep it under control.
  "I got the idea for the fogger while I was serving as a Navy Seabee on Okinawa," he says.
  After returning home to Florida, Shelton worked out the details. The fogger uses heat from a small gasoline engine to vaporize oil-based insecticides. Engine exhaust then blows the fogged insecticide out the side.
  Shelton started with the frame from an old pressure washer. "Any kind of frame will do, but you need something with wheels so you can pull or push it," he says. "An old push-type power lawn mower with the blade removed would work fine, as long as the engine still runs."
  Shelton mounted a 3 1/2 hp single cylinder mower engine on the pressure washer frame. He removed the muffler and screwed a length of threaded steel pipe onto the block in its place. He put a coupler on the end of the pipe so he could remount the muffler there.
  Then he mounted a small plastic tank on the handles of the pressure washer. He fitted the tank with a valve and a length of copper tubing that runs down to the pipe on the engine block. He makes three or four wraps around the pipe and then inserts the end of the copper tube into a hole he drilled in the top of the pipe coupler. "The copper tube should be under 1/4 in. diameter so it's flexible enough to wrap tight around the exhaust pipe," Shelton says.
  "It's really a simple setup," he continues. "I fill the plastic tank with the insecticide. It flows by gravity through the copper tube, is preheated as it flows around the steel pipe on the exhaust, and then vaporizes when it drips into the muffler through the hole in the coupler.
  "It works best at about half throttle, and you need to let the engine warm up good before using it," he notes.
  "You need only a very small amount of pesticide injected while fogging," he adds. "The brand I use is Burgess Bug Killer Insect Fog. I get it in a 1/2-gal. jug at Ace Hardware for about $12. This brand is for use in propane, electric and gas foggers. Be sure to follow all the safety precautions on the label."
  Besides routinely using the fogger to control mosquitoes, Shelton says he's also used it to blow insecticide into a doghouse to wipe out a flea problem.
  Contact: FARM SHOW Followup, A.E. Shelton, Sr., 4520 Hardaway Hwy, Chattahoochee, Fla. 32324 (ph 850 663-2138; email: ASheltonSr@webtv.net).

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2003 - Volume #27, Issue #4