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State-Of-The-Art Clamp-On Bucket Tools
“We make the widest variety of clamp-on bucket tools for skid steer and tractor loader buckets - cost-effective tools that let you do more with the equipment you already own,” says Ted McSherry, IAM Mfg., about his company’s cutting edge bucket-mounted accessories. Tools attach with heavy-duty 2.95-in. dia. C-clamp pads that won’t harm your bucket and create a solid connection without chains or binders. A patent-pending 3-way sliding T-handle makes it easy to attach and detach tools.
  “Our bucket clamps eliminate the need to remove or modify your bucket and, unlike other imitation products on the market, will not damage your bucket. All products are made from heavy-gauge steel with powder-coated finish. You can see detailed photos and videos at our website, www.bucketsolutions.com,” says McSherry.
  Here are a few of the company’s top-selling products:

Clamp-On Receiver Hitch
Attaching a receiver hitch to the lip of your bucket lets you back trailers and other equipment around for easy parking, as well as use a variety of other attachments. Heavy-built unit has a 2,000-lb. lift capacity.
Sells for $139.

Quick-Tach Spade
“It clamps onto your loader bucket or slides over pallet forks. Works great for digging trenches, and rooting out tree stumps or buried rocks,” says Ted McSherry about the company’s universal quick-tach spade.
  The spade measures 18 in. wide by 23 in. long and slides on over pallet forks or clamps onto a loader bucket. It comes with a pair of side-by-side tubes equipped with bolts that screw in sideways against the forks. You slide the tubes under the bucket and then screw the clamps on.
Sells for $389.

Quick-Tach Tooth Bar For Buckets
Universal, quick-tach tooth bar is designed for 4, 5, and 6-ft. buckets and comes with replaceable bucket teeth that bolt into a mounting bar. No modification to the bucket is required. The patent pending, Tooth Bar slides over the bottom edge of the bucket, where a portion of the tooth shank goes underneath the bucket, touching the bottom of the bucket and screws on each side that screw down on top of the bucket creating a secure fit.  
  “It’s easy to put on, no drilling is required, and the teeth are easy to replace,” says McSherry. “Works great for digging through hard soil or digging up hard packed manure.”
  Prices start at $239 plus S&H for a 40-1/2 in. tooth bar with 6 bucket teeth. Sizes are: 40-1/2 in., 43-1/2 in., 46-1/2 in., 49-1/2 in., 52-1/2 in., 55-1/2 in., 58-1/2 in., 61-1/2 in., and 64-1/2 in.

Heavy-Duty Pallet Forks
Pallet forks attach to bucket with IAM’s patented 2.95 in. C-clamp pads. Heavy-duty forks have capacity of 5,500 lbs. and sell for $629. Medium and light-duty models also available for $449 and $319, respectively.
As shown in photo, you can slip in standard 2 by 4’s as backstops in the heavy-duty fork. Now all IAMpallet forks have the 2 by 4 backstop.

Tree & Wood Post Puller
Clamped directly to bucket, tree puller lifts up to 2,000 lbs. yet weighs just 140 lbs. Quickly pulls trees and posts up to 6-in. dia. Grabbing blades hold onto tree so you can pull and carry. Sells for $649.

Slide-On Debris Fork Adapter
Slide-On Debris Fork turns any set of pallet forks on the front of a tractor or skid steer - or even rear 3-pt. mounted forks - into a debris fork in seconds for just $599.

Multi-Spear Ultra Fork
The 13-spear Ultra Fork fits all 4, 5 and 6-ft. buckets and has a lift capacity of 1,500 lbs. Total weight is 230 lbs. and it’s 60 in. wide.Spear length is 24 or 34 in. Sells for $799. A smaller model with 7 spears sells for $659.

For more information about any of the products
on this page, go to: www.bucketsolutions.com
or contact: IAM Mfg., LLC, 3440 Youngfield St., No. 403,
Wheat Ridge, Colo. 80033
(ph 866 992-2333; ted@bucketsolutions.com)

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